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Our Philosophy

We've found our serenity in not portraying ourselves as experts in everything. While we have loads of experience working with companies of various sizes across many industries—building strategies, values, missions, visions, brands, and products—we believe that true success comes from within.


Our job is to bring people together, level the playing field, and ask poignant, simple questions that guide the process in the right direction. We want people to create their own solutions. Sometimes, when helping a company co-create a new vision, the result might not be as glamorous or futuristic as we’d envision. But that’s okay—it’s their vision, shaped by what they find relevant and meaningful.


We believe work should be fun, which is why we have a strict no-asshole policy. Working with difficult people drains too much energy. We want to respect and appreciate everyone we collaborate with, and that’s impossible if they’re not pleasant to work with.


Innovation is our passion, and sometimes, it’s also our handicap. We love creating new methods and processes. Although the tried-and-true methods often work perfectly well, we can’t resist the allure of new, shiny ideas.


This is who we are.

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