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Large scale co-creation

Want your entire company to share their ideas? Looking to brainstorm with partners and clients? Let’s make it happen!

There is power in numbers, especially when it comes to generating ideas. We help you harness this power, enabling your employees, partners, and clients to generate a wealth of ideas in a short period of time. People love it when you open up and involve them!


At its best, co-creation is a fireworks display of new ideas. We bring large groups of people together to ignite that spark.

How does it work?

Co-creation can be a single session or a longer dialogue, guiding participants through ideation, sharing, and selection phases. We utilize various technologies to enable thousands of minds to generate ideas together, whether through online or onsite sessions, asynchronous tasks, or engaging mobile surveys.


Internally, co-creation can help develop new values, visions, or freedoms, often paired with implementation processes to ensure successful outcomes.

Co-creation process example

This is an example of a co-creation process.

People love to be invited behind the curtain to see where new services, products, or processes originate.


Engaging people early on creates a sense of ownership, connecting them to the end result and aiding implementation.


Gain a deep understanding of people's needs and receive a wealth of great ideas.

Benefits of co-creation

Why work with us?

With years of experience running various innovation and co-creation processes across multiple continents, we’ve conducted hundreds of internal co-creation sessions with overwhelmingly positive feedback.


As creators ourselves, we excel at running these processes. We understand the delicate nature of client relationships and partnerships, and quickly adapt to internal dynamics and pressure points.

Want to engage your team but not sure how to start?

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