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We facilitate meaningful interactions that drive collaboration and growth.

People are the heartbeat of any business. How do we get everyone buzzing with excitement, sparking innovation, and marching towards the same goal? We’re here to make it happen!

At Ghost Community, we specialize in building vibrant engagement, fostering dynamic ecosystems, and nurturing thriving communities within your organization and beyond. Whether it's your team, partners, or clients, we'll help you create an environment where collaboration and growth flourish.

Community Pyramid
Ghost Community Pyramid

How we work?

Whether we're working with a team of 50 or a crowd of thousands, it all starts with the individual connections. How can we quickly build trust and spark boundless sharing?


That's where our secret weapon comes in: the Community Pyramid! This trusty tool helps us zero in on our focus, communicate with crystal clarity, and set the perfect pace for creating vibrant engagement and thriving communities.

Ghost writings

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Group Lecture

Event facilitation

Imagine an event where the energy is electric, conversations flow effortlessly, and every attendee feels like the star of the show. That’s what we deliver. Our event facilitation transforms ordinary gatherings into dynamic experiences where everyone is a participant, not just a spectator.


From intimate groups to large crowds, we use cutting-edge techniques and technology to captivate your audience. For online events, our global reach brings your vision to life anywhere.

Why settle for ordinary? With us, every moment is engaging, every voice is heard, and every idea can spark the next big breakthrough.

Ghost facilitation


We bring people together to share, learn and develop themselves.


Organisations can truly transform only by bringing everyone along.


We prefer an hour to a day and day to a week. Agile, lean and sustainable.


Simple and easy-to-use platforms and AI accelerate our work.





We work globally regardless of business location or number of people involved.

Building a comfortable, nice and relaxed atmosphere takes us further

90% participation rate. The facilitation sessions are extremely inspiring.

Value-adding methods are suitable for various needs and situations

Meeting at office


Imagine your entire company buzzing with excitement, every team member, partner, and client contributing their ideas to a shared vision. That's the magic of co-creation. We transform brainstorming into an exhilarating experience where every voice is heard, and every idea can spark innovation.

Co-creation is all about harnessing the collective power of your community. By involving everyone, we help you generate a wealth of ideas in a short period of time. Whether you're creating a shared vision or purpose statement, fine-tuning your values, or ideating new products and services, co-creation opens the door to endless possibilities.


People love being invited to contribute and collaborate! At its best, co-creation is a dazzling display of creativity and innovation.

We serve clients from small teams to big corporations

Bigger the better

We can work with individual teams and, by using the right tools and technologies, facilitate processes even in very large organizations.

Lecture Hall Tutor

Engaging Dialogue

Imagine bringing your all your people together to share ideas, voice concerns, and co-create solutions.


Engaging dialogue is all about facilitating meaningful conversations that ensure everyone feels heard and valued.


Whether discussing company strategy, vision, or overcoming growth obstacles, we meticulously plan and organize discussions. Using innovative technologies, we connect everyone from the shop floor to the boardroom, uncovering valuable insights and fostering a sense of shared ownership and involvement.

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