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We solve difficult challenges by building powerful communities.

Typical Challenges

Typical Challenges

We are just too slow.
We would love to be
more agile.

We are joining two organizations. How could we merge the cultures too?

We would love to develop and innovate with our clients and partners. But we don't know how.

It would be so great
to understand our clients better.

How we work
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Yes, we have the methods, tools and tech (and on a good day some charisma). But  members bring the content, value and  soul to the community. That is why people always come first. Hence our way of working is very democratic, inclusive and open.

The natural way for corporations to build a community starts from the "audience perspective". We can help you grow to become a network and finally a real living community. We will live through the celebrations and frustration with you.

How we work?

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“Ghost helped us connecting with our startup community. Jussi and Miikka facilitated the Estonian Startup Community Days and everybody loved it! We had a hybrid online/offline event with really engaging and fun workshops with everyone collaborating online in Howspace. We were able to process a huge amount of input in such a short time. The project helped to get our community members and their ideas aligned and we created an action plan together. It was a necessary step for the Estonian startup community to move in the same direction going forward!”

Liisi Org
Startup Community Development Manager, Startup Estonia

Hans Karlsson

Hans loves to solve client's business challenges.

Hans Karlsson.jpg

Jussi Tapio

Jussi is an agile

Jussi Tapio.jpg

Miikka Leinonen

Miikka creates
theories and models.

Just call Hans.
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